This will be events(mostly mine own events)like partys and robberys and stuff  on clubpenguin.

HEHE!I am a silver penguin!NOT AN EDIT!Go farther down to view more pics of dance party!

This is when my friend Super0shadow made his house into a Police station.

Here is where my friend tilly told everyone there was a tornado coming,so everyone came to the boiler room to be safe. We were the rescue squad.

Here are some more pics of the rescue squad.

Here are the bots i found!I have 2 buddys that are bot makers.

This is the Yellow army!I think my Bot friend helped start it.

My friend did help here he is. He has at least 35 bots!

THE PARTY WAS AWESOME!here is the new game!

They had free boom boxes and  a big screen that read the names of all the people there!

Upstairs there was the noise maker 3000.

On the roof you could change the TV screens and the boom boxes let you break dance!

If you were a member you got a postcard that looked like this. (sorry about the graphics)

I did great at the dance game!And you get coins for playing!

I met cadence!She is awesome here are some pics!

Here is her player card!She can breakdance without a boombox!


WE are relaxing!

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