The first glitch is how to make clubpenguin screen HUGE! To do this go to  http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf  then it will say UH-OH and give you some options,Now click F11 and the screen will get big! Pll your mouse to the top of the screen and then in the internet toolbar type in http://play.clubpenguin.com  also this will make any website you go to HUGE!

To do this glitch go to the ice rink(can not be anything besides ice rink) and click the spot you want to go to but click it repeatedly very fast!Your penguin should go very slow.

TO do this glitch go to the ice rink(or soccer pitch) and then hold the "TAB" button on your keyboard,then click on the Puck(or soccer ball) and you should stand on it,once you do that click where you want the puck(or soccer ball) it should go to where ever you click.

To do this glitch go to either the dance cometition game or card-jitsu(If you play card-jitsu play it on a mat!) stand at a distance from the game you will play and click on it, then quickly click the emoticons button now dont move your mouse at all!When you start you should still have the emoticons menu up.(also if you play dance competition you can move your mouse just to click start then quickly move your mouse back to the emoticon menu.)

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